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Nokia, Mobile. -, We… were, connecting, people, english, sub All of my mobile phones were Nokia until android came out. I liked that company not only for the best mobile phones but also for their contribution to the Open Source. This so called Qt library that lays inside KDE. They also had superior OS for mobile phones. It was called Symbian and worked perfectly for both mobile phone and connectivity with Linux PC, while other phones did not work or required some supernatural powers from the users... If only they had chosen android for their OS or held to their own... It was basically the same as android now, but worked only on Nokia phones..


Old Nokia: breaking the floor New Nokia: breaking the phone.

Yes Nokia 5.1 only😊👍👌

Watch... it, Nokia... Mobile. - - We, were… connecting. people. Online, Online


Classic has its class

nokia 3310



Is this made of Vibranium?

1:23 Thank me later

Maine toh phn le bhi Liya 6 din pehle

My first Nokia was a lumia 800

Nice content...good job

Once there was life on mars but unfortunately nokia hit mars and we all know the future of mars now. So please dont ever try this again. Thank god we got saved this time from an apocalypse.....Moreover the comment section here, makes me believe that i am not alone..

Nokia! Mobile. -! We, were. connecting - people! movie. download.

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Watch, Nokia… Mobile, -, We. were! connecting, people, [1080p] Nokia. Mobile. -, We, were, connecting people… HD, English Full Movie? Download The old 3310 would survive a direct nuke strike Nokia - Mobile. -, We? were, connecting. people? on 123movies Nokia Mobile & -… We, were & connecting & people - Online. HD & 700p

DOES IT SUPPORT VO-LTE ???? They say Diamond is the strongest material... Daden gays pidaraz lol 2 hrs mein full charge that soo lol Spoiler alert: the strongest thing ever made is stronger than something that is not the strongest thing ever made


Mine was Nokia 1100. The best fone i have ever had, never needed to worry about battery nor any crack or damage, n this comes from a guy who has had about 11 smartfones after the nokia era, the samsung's, lg's and the Iphones.. Waiting 4 their tablet!!!. Nokia 5.1 plus best smart phone Nokia 5.1 plus video sher kare whatsapp નંબર Mo:8347880589 Nokia C6-01






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